Save the Archive

Settle in 1935, © W.R. MitchellSettle in 1935, © W.R. Mitchell

You can help save a rare collection of 600 audio interviews, 50 videos and 15,000 images.

Bill asked me if Settle Stories could help save his priceless collection so our heritage can live on. I set up Settle Stoies as i believe in the transformative efect stories can have on people's lives. Of course I said yes to Bill. Wont you help too? 

We need to digitise, catalogue and archive the collection for future generations and stop it being lost forever. Then you’ll be able to:

  • Hear the real voice of James Herriot talk about life as a vet.
  • Learn about the real life stories of the “in-between” maid in one of Yorkshire’s grand houses
  • Listen to a friend of Beatrix Potter share their memories of the much loved children’s author

Why is it important to do this now?

  • If they are not digitised then these irreplaceable interviews of times gone by will be lost to current and future generations 
  • As they get older the audio and video tapes start stretching, snapping and losing quality.
  • Photographs and slides are fading and curling

Here’s what we are going to do

  • Make professional digital copies of all the material held within the W.R. Mitchell Archive
  • Create a fully searchable online catalogue and archive
  • Conduct research of all the materials in the archive
  • Obtain permissions and store the materials in right conditions
  • Develop family learning resources.
  • Create jobs and paid training placements to help carry out the work

Just think if you cold turn on your computer and hear tales from the farmyards and fields from the grand houses and the blacksmith's shops, all told in old accents and dialects that are now rarely heard at all. What a great resource for your children, grandchildren, schools, universaties, researchers (the list goes on.) 

We can't save the archive without your support. Please be as generous as you can today. Below I've listed infomation about the imapact of your donation.

Every pound counts

  • £10 digitises and catalogues one slide or photograph
  • £50 digitises and catalogues one page from a scrap book/ photograph album
  • £100 creates an edited podcast for the website
  • £350 digitises, transcribes and catalogues an audio tape or video

If you give monthly by direct debit we can do even more:

  • Just £6 a month will support a new page on the website
  • £10 a month will pay for digital storage of 100 slides
  • £60 a month will create and maintain a new online resource
  • £1000 a month provides a paid training placement

Your Donation

You can make a donation online, in person or through a legacy. To find out more about how your donation will help save the archive, or if you have any questions please call me on 01729 822292.

  • Online
  • Cheque made payable to Settle Stories Ltd.  Please send cheques to Settle Stories, Town Hall, Market Place, Settle BD24 9EJ.
  • Text a donation up to £10. e.g. Text BUZZ12 £5 to 70070.

Tax Efficient Giving

Using Gift Aid means that every pound you donate, Settle Stories (charity no. 1141649) can claim at least 25p for HM revenue and Customs, at no additional cost to you, helping your donation to save more of the collection. If you donate online HERE then gift aid will automatically be applied to your donation.

Thank you for your support.

Sita handwriting

Founder and Director