Memories of Harry Scott

An image of Harry J Scott, founder of the Dalesman magazine.Harry J Scott, © Cathy Waters

Here are the recollections of Harry Scott's granddaughter, Cathy Waters:

Some Memories of The Dalesman and Harry Scott

My grandfather, Harold J. Scott, or ‘Grandpa’ to myself, my younger sister Sarah and older brother Simon, was the founder and first editor of The Dalesman magazine, something that we were immensely proud of as children growing up and continue to be so today. As children we remember the daily ritual, when we were staying with our grandparents, firstly in Clapham and then later in Grange over Sands, of Granny Scott using a special envelope opener to slit open the pile of envelopes containing cheques for subscriptions, and handing the envelope on to Grandpa to open. Granny did not handle the money!

Most of our memories from childhood relate to Grange over Sands and the imposing house that our grandparents lived in, overlooking Morecambe Bay, with a croquet lawn, a sun house on rails that we took great delight in spinning round fast until we were dizzy and a fishpond full of carp. Each day, after breakfast, when Grandpa ate toast with silver shred marmalade and Granny ate hers with chunky marmalade, Grandpa would don his pinny, tied round his ample waist and wash the dishes and sing and hum to himself. Then he would take each of us in turn and we would take great delight in shuffling round the kitchen with our little feet stood on top of his tweed slippers and hold tightly onto his hands. We also remember fondly him cutting Granny’s homemade apple pie with the knife we called the ‘kraak’ knife because of the noise it made when he pulled it across the plate.

Simon, his eldest grandson was the only child allowed in Grandpa’s study which was full of books and the smell of tobacco, which came in little gold tins with a pale blue lid on. Grandpa loved to take us for walks up into Yewbarrow Woods, where to our joy we would find sweets ‘left by the fairies’ in the limestone crevasses, and play games of hide and seek. We remember Grandpa fondly as being a very strict man at times, but a loving and generous grandfather.