Alice Maunders

Image of Stackhouses, by Stuart Petch, courtesy of Settle Stories.Stackhouses, by Stuart Petch, © Settle Stories

Alice Maunders (née Chambers) moved down to Settle from County Durham at the age of 15 in 1927  to work as a ‘Tweeny’ or ‘Inbetween Maid’ for the McEvoy family in Stackhouses, Giggleswick.

As there was very little work for girls in County Durham at that time—the year after the General Strike—a tearful Alice waved her widowed mother goodbye and travelled on her own by rail to Settle. She gives a very detailed picture of life below stairs in the early 20th century, from her own duties as an ‘Inbetween Maid’ working with the parlour maids and kitchen staff, and the roles of the household above stairs. She describes in detail the meals for the McEvoy family and their domestic staff, along with the storage of various foodstuffs.

After her marriage to John Maunders in 1931, Alice and her husband set up their home in ‘Cragdale Lodge’, and later she worked in a hairdressers in Settle town centre.

In her interview with Bill Mitchell in 1988 Alice discusses a number of photos of the Proctor family taken in the early 20th century. She then describes starting work as an Inbetween Maid at the McEvoy's house in Stackhouse, and explains working conditions in large houses between the wars. Alice also describes her husband John Maunders's role as an apprentice hairdresser and her own role as a hairdresser.