Bill Alderson, Audio Clip

Bill Alderson talking about Susan Peacock
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In this clip Bill Alderson (BA) describes to W.R. Mitchell (WRM) how Susan Peacock, the landlady at Tan Hill, was frightened of nobody, and how the loaded gun she kept behind the bar at the Inn was put to good use on one occasion.


BA: Aye she were fretened [frightened] a nerbody [of nobody] because I tell yer what she ’ad, she ’ad revolver allus [always] loaded.

WRM: Had she?

BA: And I’ll tell you what she’s turned people out with revolver. There was a knockabout... Brocklebank from Kirkby used to go. He was a knock-about man [tramp?] and he used to go call there, come from Kirkby Stephen and he’d get a bit unruly. Once went in and demanding, something from Susan, I forget what, something to eat, and demanding and wanting to stop and... However, Susan... Susan turned him out wit [with]...pointed revolver. However he went out and he pinched one of her hens, and he ‘ploated it’ [plucked] from Tan Hill down to pit...

WRM: He, what did he do with it?

BA:  He ‘ploated it’, on roadway down, like plucking um, feathers off, and feathers were on’t [on the] road all way down...

WRM: Was it still alive?

BA: No, he killed it, he ring’d neck and he ploated it and then he went down to pit, to l'il [the little] pit, you know where Tan Hill, where Dick (lived?) went in, and they allus [always] left a good fire there and he boiled it in an old tin and then had it there – ate it. Aye that was, that was old Brocklebank....