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Lawrence Rukin
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In this segment Laurie Rukin (LR) tells W.R. Mitchell (WRM) about the Keld Singers.


WRM: What did they call your little group of singers?

LR: The Keld Singers.

WRM: The Keld Singers. Now when did they used to operate, was it the 1930s?

LR: Aye, that’s right. There was three on us, two of me Uncles, and as I say, we broadcast in Newcastle, and it’s an awful long time since. Fifty one years sin’ ’35, aye.

WRM: Is it? 1935, yes.

LR: No, but we’d done quite a bit of singing in concerts round here, you see.

WRM: And who were your two Uncles?

LR: Well, there were three, but one on ’em is dead now, he died two years since. He just lived on there; Richard.

WRM: So there was Richard Rukin...

LR: No, Alderson.

WRM: Richard Alderson...?

LR: The eldest was Jim, ‘Mosser’, he went by the name o’ Mosser; he’s in Richmond House, he’s ninety three.

WRM: So The Keld Singers were Richard...

LR: No, Jim.

WRM: Jim Alderson...?

LR: Dick (or Richard), and Chris or Christopher, but I never heard him get called that.

WRM: So it was Jim, Dick and Chris Alderson?

LR: And Laurie Rukin.

WRM: And Laurie Rukin, and the four of you were The Keld Singers?

LR: Yeah. At one time there was another young man joined us, he was a farm worker round ’ere. Cyril Barningham like. He lives at [unclear 00:14:30] now.

WRM: Cyril?

LR: Barningham.

WRM: Barningham.

LR: He’s one of these singers lower down the dale, there’s about eight or ten of ’em. They’re goin’ round givin’ musical evenings... they were over in Westmoreland about a week since.

WRM: Barningham. B-A-R-N-I-N-G-H-A-M, is it?

LR: Yes, Cyril, he lives at [unclear 00:14:58]. He was a farm worker up here in those days like, and he was a nice, a good singer. Like, he’s not a lad, he’s seventy hissel’. ’ere’s me givin’ ’is secrets away! [Laughs]

WRM: It doesn’t matter. And when did they close down then, The Keld Singers?

LR: Well, really when we started without… let’s see.

WRM: Was it a Chapel choir?

LR: Well, there was a small choir in t’Chapel. It was probably where it started, like. It’ll be fourteen years since now, I should think, or fifteen since we sung together. I bet the last time we sung together was in t’Thwaite Chapel, the four of us, at the Harvest Festival.