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Philip Dawson,
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In this clip Philip Dawson (PD) tells W.R. Mitchell (WRM) the story of William Craven of Appletreewick, who became Lord Mayor of London in the 17th century.


WRM: Sir William Craven will be remembered pretty fondly won’t he, in Yorkshire?

PD: Oh yes, he was an absolutely wonderful person.

WRM: Yes, that’s right; he seems to have been a great philanthropist, wasn’t he?

PD: Yes, I wish I’d known because they sold the Craven portraits recently and until they’d been sold I didn’t know. Because there was a portrait of him that I would have liked to have bought and given to Burnsall School, which of course he founded... but anyway.

WRM: Have you seen a picture of him?

PD: I’ve seen it in the catalogue, a picture of it, and he looked a very shrewd Yorkshireman.

WRM: Who bought it?

PD: I don’t know. I should imagine something like a livery company would. He was the first... was he the first Lord Mayor of London? Anyway, he was Lord Mayor of London and he was a sort of original Dick Whittington, wasn’t he, and walked there?

WRM: That’s right, yes; he wasn’t thrice though was he? He wasn’t Lord Mayor three times?

PD: No, no, he walked there.

WRM: He was a poor boy who walked to London.

PD: Yes, he was a sort of peasant boy from Appletreewick, and it’s so funny how...

WRM: Where did he make his money then in London?

PD: Oh, he went as an apprentice to a mercer or something, and this man I’m not sure if he didn’t leave him the business or something. He seemed to have been a very honourable man too, a very good person, and of course he didn’t forget his home, you see, and he built Burnsall Bridge and he built the Church. Or did he restore the Church? I can’t remember. And then the High Hall, Appletreewick, that’s where my great, great something grandmother was married from. That was the Craven house, you see? But of course, the Cravens soon got much grander and left there, and one of them was supposed to have married the Queen of Bohemia. He didn’t, but I mean there is a story that he did.