Sam Dyson

A shorthorn cowA shorthorn cow, © W.R. Mitchell

Sam Dyson was born in 1913 and married his wife, Peggy Barker, in 1939. He farmed at Buckley Farm, Stanbury, near Top Withens, a farm made famous by Emily Bronte's classic novel ’Wuthering Heights’. Sam and his wife farmed shorthorn cattle. had an egg round and gradually built up their business and land from 4 acres to over 50 acres. They also catered for visitors who walked the Bronte way. You can see an image of a shorthorn to the right. 

In his interview with W.R. Mitchell, Mr.Dyson recalls buying his first smallholding, Buckley Farm in Stanbury, in 1939. With the help of his wife Mrs Peggy Dyson and friend and neighbour Adrian Bancroft, he recounts living and working on that smallholding and the other farms he had bought and worked in the Stanbury area, including Ponden Hall Farm. With a background in farming for over 50 years, they relate many interesting stories, and often with humour. The interview is noteworthy for its poetic regional dialect, comical turn of phrase, its gusto and articulacy. They relate how they made a living with very few resources, and grew over the years, still retaining their down to earth approach to life and farming.
You will have many laughs and chuckles listening to this tape.