Thomas Dugdale

Dugdales in SettleDugdales in Settle
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Thomas Dugdale was born in 1912 in Settle. His grandfather Javez Dugdale of Priest Hutton near Kendal was the first Dugdale to move into the Settle area having worked as an auctioneer and Methodist preacher in Burton-in-Holme and Lancaster. Jabez sold John o' Gaunt sheep dip to farmers in the Craven area and also did farm evaluations, gradually building up his own business. Thomas Dugdale’s father William Eddie married Gertrude Harger and they continued the family business.

In his interview with Bill Mitchell, Thomas Dugdale recalls the story of his how his father gained his first job in Settle as an engineer, having just moved into the area. He also recollects other prominent Settle personalities including amusing anecdotes about Tot Lord, Mr Robinson, the proprietor of the garage and cafe at the top of Buckhaw Brow, and John Delaney, entrepreneur.