Upstairs, Downstairs

The Folly, now the Museum of North Craven Life, in SettleThe Folly, now the Museum of North Craven Life, in Settle
© W.R. Mitchell

The voices of Alice Maunders, Philip Dawson and the Yorkes of Halton Place illustrate one of the biggest sectors of employment in Yorkshire between the First and Second World Wars.

Alice Maunders describes the work of the maids, gardeners and laundry women at Stackhouses, near Giggleswick, in the 1920s. It was hard manual work. Alice describes the career progression of domestic servants, starting as an ‘Inbetween Maid’, one of the lowest ranks of servant, and gradually working her way up to Housemaid.

The Yorkes of Halton Place describe the management of their large estates and the work of some of the estate officers from gamekeepers to estate managers. Philip Dawson describes his childhood nannies and his childhood moving from one of his family’s homes to another.

Theme: Upstairs, Downstairs.